WhatsApp’s Bug Leaves Private Chats Compromised?

Security researchers allegedly dug up some bug which apparently lets hackers access private chats and impacts user security heavily.
Per sources, WhatsApp immediately shunned the reports and hinted that it was absolutely preposterous to even think that WhatsApp would harm its users in such a way.
The people behind the massively successful messaging application are always keen on advising users on updating and following every security measure.
 iOS users are especially advised to be cautious of this bug specifically when they’re surfing unknown websites. They are suggested to securely click on websites.
Users per usual are strongly advised to update their devices to the latest, download anti-virus apps and software and keep the security on high alert.
Per the source reports, allegedly, the hacked messages from the WhatsApp chats are floated on other servers.
Users should steer clear of unauthorized websites for the sake of their safety.

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